As your rider progresses, the ability to participate in Horse Shows will become an option. This is a wonderful experience for all riders to learn competition, self confidence, sportsmanship, and to support their team mates.

We have wonderful lesson horses at Legacy Riding Academy. Our regular lessons are for children ages 5 and up. They are scheduled for 30 minutes for private and semi-private, 45 minutes for groups. Mini lessons are available for children 3-4 years of age only, and run for 20 minutes.

Lesson prices are $45 if purchased individually or $140 for a package of four lessons. Mini lessons are $30 each.

Our Head Instructor, Nancy Rogers, is proud to offer excellent instruction in English and Western equitation and horsemanship. All riders are started in the Saddleseat discipline until they have gained basic skills, good control of their body and a balanced seat, then he/she can choose another discipline.